Antonio Ferguson is the founder and owner of Aniiko. His passion is motivating young people, and teaching the idea that by having the right mindset, nothing is impossible.

 Antonio grew up on the south side of Nashville,TN, in a neighborhood full of talent.  He spent all of his adolescent and teenage years constantly redefining himself in order to fit in.  Antonio grew up in a single parent home, without his father present, which lead to making a lot of bad decisions and landing him in a whole heap of trouble, including dropping out of high school.                                                                                 

During this stretch in his young life, he never lost sight of what made him happy, or what made him feel good inside. He discovered a gift for listening, helping and advising other young people who were struggling to redefine themselves. He also aided in helping young people decide who they wanted to become in life.

Antonio also had an interest in fashion. He admired the way people put together styles and colors in a way that really spoke to him. Recognizing, this said a lot about who people were and how they were feeling.  A lot of the context that is used to help people redefine themselves, is also used to describe how clothing made people feel. This helped Antonio to form the idea of owning his own clothing company. 

With this new discovery he spent countless hours doing research on positivity and mindfulness. Truly recognizing it is all about mind over matter and positive thinking. This research also lead him to the realization that the mind is the most powerful tool we possess. Armed with this knowledge created a desire to not only learn more, but to share the information that he had obtained.  So his journey continued,

  • 1st return to school and get his High School Diploma, check!
  • 2nd get accepted to a University to work on his degree, check!
  • 3rd create a platform to deliver the simple message that with this positive mind set Nothing Is Impossible, check! 

And so Aniiko was created with the hope that he would be able to share the idea that we all have greatness inside of us.

As Ozzie Davis once said - "Any form of art is a form of power, it has impact, it can affect change, it can not only move us, it makes us move."