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Self Motivation The Desire To Succeed

Self Motivation The Desire To Succeed

It’s 6 in the morning. The alarm clock is buzzing, and you’re thinking to yourself, “What’s the point in getting up this early for work?” For some of us, the motivation is simply the desire to shut off the clock that is vibrating off the nightstand. But for others, it is truly self-motivation. It is an internal alarm clock that motivates a person to make the best of his or her day.

Certainly, everyone wants to succeed in the world. Everyone wants to have a purpose, to be at the top of the corporate ladder, or to be the best he or she can be in any given area. But why do some people succeed in doing these things, and others do not? The answer is: self-motivation.

There are several factors that contribute to self-motivation. They include:


-Desire to succeed

-Will power

-Mental stability


-Life goals

-Daily activities

-Daily pleasures

All of these factors will directly affect success in a career, in academics, in playing sports, and in marriage and parenting. Whether you desire the highest position possible at your job, or graduating with a 4.0 grade point average, you need self-motivation to do it. Self-motivation drives an athlete to score the winning soccer goal, just as it drives a parent to be a good role model for a child.

Along with the desire to succeed comes mental stability. Everyone has a bad day here and there; but what self-motivates a person to continue on with the bad day? The answer is mental stability. The mind is a great force. When you put your mind to accomplishing something, you will try your best to do it. As a result, your will power is tested. Being able to stay self-motivated and focused on what is important rather than “throwing in the towel” allows you to succeed in the end. Will power, mental stability, and the desire to succeed are all the result of self-motivation.

Another factor that drives self-motivation is the family unit. Family can self-motivate an individual to be successful. An individual – especially a working spouse – will crave the family’s pride and approval. The working spouse self-motivates himself or herself simply by worrying whether or not the family is taken care of financially. The working spouse will most likely want to earn a high paycheck, and in the end provide for the family. Children often idolize their parents and will mimic what they see their parents doing. In the end self-motivation is passed on from one generation to the next, as it is an important role in family affairs.

Lastly, self-motivation is driven by daily goals and basic daily routines such as losing weight or learning how to play a sport. The simple daily pleasure of waking up to see the sun shine, to hear the birds singing, or even listening to the rain are all pleasures which can self-motivate a person to get up in the morning.
Positive Attitude: A Success Formula

Positive Attitude: A Success Formula

Positive Attitude – what is it? It starts with being content and self-assured with the person that you are. A strong self-image radiates love and spirit and the people who are in your company begin to feel a similar way. Having a positive demeanor is a pivotal feature for realizing success in all aspects of your life. Your disposition destines how you approach your life and is reflected in your occupation, business ventures, sporting efforts and relationships.

A winner’s attitude is essential for achieving your desires in life. People that we applaud for achieving excellence would not have accomplished their dreams by living their life with a detached disposition. The predominant ingredients for a victorious life are accepting yourself, being able to visualize your success and living with with the right attitude.

A positive attitude produces a buoyant outlook on life. You will feel happier, healthier and more energetic. Your belief in yourself and your talents will be amplified and by taking on an open and positive attitude your mind will be welcoming to the opportunities that will start to come your way. People with a negative attitude often become entirely immersed with their problems and are unable to see the opportunities that are presented to them. Once you teach your mind to automatically undertake a positive attitude your difficulties will not be as significant and you will have the ability to cope with them effortlessly.

Impulsively we are drawn towards the company of positive people. They have the ability to lift our spirits and make us feel good about life. Attitude, whether it’s positive of negative, is extremely infectious – choose wisely and spend your time with positive uplifting people and your essence will imitate the same vibration. When you choose to live your life with a positive attitude your spirit will be encircled with a light energy which will magnetically draw people towards you.

Accomplishing your desires is entirely within your power, however, you have to embark on life with a positive attitude and believe that whatever you desire can, and will, be achieved – connect this with a positive attitude and you will be irrepressible. In 1903 a renowned New York engineering professor had said that it would be impossible for man to fly. Two weeks later the Wright Brothers flew the world’s first powered airplane. These guys had a definite advantage – they unquestionably believed that their dream was achievable!

Don’t let fear of failure hold you back from pursuing your dreams – instead espouse a positive attitude and reach for your goals with faith. We can all learn from the Wright Brothers – anything is possible if you approach your dreams with a positive attitude and believe.